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Getting Started

This page presents an overview of how to get started with the services offered at AT&T Towers. If this is your first visit, we recommend you register and establish a User ID and Password. Your registration information is required to view site data and is used by AT&ampT Towers to store your saved site searches and other data, as well as to pre-populate site forms for communications with us.

Register with AT&T Towers. Establish a User ID and Password
  • Users must be registered and logged in in order to search and view detailed information on AT&T Towers available for collocation.
  • Registering also provides access to the feature My AT&T Towers. This is where you can set up your own space for saving your favorite tower sites, search criteria, and pre-populate information request forms.
  • Log in each time when you visit and quickly pick up where you left off the last time. Alternatively, you can select the Remember Me? Checkbox upon login and your computer will remember your User ID and Password the next time you access the website.
  • Please register.

Traditional Search of AT&T Towers' Sites
  • Type your search criteria in the fields provided and identify AT&T Tower sites within a geographical area.
    • Enter a postal Zip code and get a listing of all AT&T Tower sites within the area covered by that code.
    • Enter the name of a state, county, or city/town and get a list of tower sites. When entering a county or city/town, you must also enter the name of the state to narrow down the search.
    • Enter a known set of geographic coordinates and a selected number of miles to conduct a radius search around the center point of those coordinates. GPS (Global Positioning System) equipment or maps available on the Internet might prove useful in determining the geographic coordinates to begin your search. Click here to get help on the proper procedure and format for entering the geographic coordinates.
    • If you know a specific tower site’s Site Name or Site ID, click Advanced Search from the Search page and enter the Site Name and/or Site ID to begin your search.
  • Click here to begin a search. (Free registration required).

Map Search
  • As an added search capability - to augment the traditional search capability - a map can be used to search for AT&T Sites. The map search function, powered by Google, provides the drag and zoom capability that is standard on most map-enabled websites. Here are some of the map search features and an overview of how to use those features:
    • Search criteria can be entered which will interact with the map display and set focus on a geographic area.
    • The map can be dragged and zoomed to a required geographic level and location.
    • Site Overview Pins (max 100) will display on the map when the user has zoomed and dragged the map an appropriate geographic level.
    • Site Overview Pins will redraw when the map is zoomed and dragged to a different level or location.
    • By clicking the Preserve checkbox, the Site Overview Pins will remain static. This Allows for the map to be moved and zoomed without the Site Overview Pins being redrawn.
    • The Site Overview callout box can be seen by clicking on a Site Overview Pin.
    • The Site Overview callout box provides access to Site Details.
    • Site Overview callout box provides access to Site Directions which can be viewed, printed and/or emailed.
    • By clicking the Clear button, the Map Search can be reset (cleared) to show the original state.
    • Search type can be switched between traditional (Advanced & Basic) search result to map search result - and vice versa.
    • From the Site Details page you can elect to show the Site on the Map Search page, along with other Sites in the area.
    • From the Site Details page you can elect to show the site in a Google Map Browser and gain access to the full feature-set of Google Maps.
  • Click here to begin a map search.

Learn More about the Web Site
  • Learn about the Collocation Process.
  • Get quick help from AT&T Towers’ other online Help pages on items ranging from a better understanding of the Web site’s many features, to finding out what you do if you forget your password.
  • Click here to visit our Customer Service page, for this and more.