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Common Questions (FAQ)

Using this Site

Q)  Do I have to register and log in to search for a site?
A)  Yes, to search and save search data you must complete a one-time registration and then log in each time you visit to view or print the data. Alternatively, you can select the Remember Me? Checkbox upon login and your computer will remember your User ID and Password the next time you access the website.

Q)  Do I have to complete the one-time registration and log in to save a site I identified during a search?
A)  Yes

Q)  Can anyone go to AT&T Towers, register, and get very specific information on your sites? If so, what are the security implications for such access?
A)  No. Detailed images or information on our equipment are not accessible via this site.

Q)  Do I need any special software or other capability to use the Web site?
A)  AT&T Towers has been developed and tested to support the following base browser versions: Internet Explorer 8.0 and higher; current versions of Google Chrome; and current versions of Firefox.

Q)  How do I search for a site? Can I enter a postal Zip code for the area in which I’m interested?
A)  Enter one of the following. If you don’t get the desired results, try entering one of the other choices. You can also try the new Map Search option.
  • Enter a postal Zip code and get a listing of all AT&T Tower sites within the area covered by that code.
  • Enter the name of a state, county, or city/town and get a list of sites. However, when entering a county or city/town, you must also enter the name of the state to narrow down the search.
  • Enter a known set of geographic coordinates and a selected number of miles to conduct a radius search around the center point of those coordinates. GPS (Global Positioning System) equipment or maps available on the Internet might prove useful in determining the geographic coordinates to begin your search.
  • If you know a specific tower’s Site Name or Site ID, click Advanced Search from the Search page and enter the Site Name and/or Site ID to begin your search.
Q)  What functionality is available with the new Map Search?
A)  The map search function, powered by Google, provides the drag and zoom capability that is standard on most map-enabled websites. Here are some of the map search features and an overview of how to use those features:
  • Search criteria can be entered which will interact with the map display and set focus on a geographic area.
  • The map can be dragged and zoomed to a required geographic level and location.
  • Site Overview Pins (max 100) will display on the map when the user has zoomed and dragged the map an appropriate geographic level.
  • Site Overview Pins will redraw when the map is zoomed and dragged to a different level or location.
  • By clicking the Preserve checkbox, the Site Overview Pins will remain static. This Allows for the map to be moved and zoomed without the Site Overview Pins being redrawn.
  • The Site Overview callout box can be seen by clicking on a Site Overview Pin.
  • The Site Overview callout box provides access to Site Details.
  • Site Overview callout box provides access to Site Directions which can be viewed, printed and/or emailed.
  • By clicking the Clear button, the Map Search can be reset (cleared) to show the original state.
  • Search type can be switched between traditional (Advanced & Basic) search result to map search result - and vice versa.
  • From the Site Details page you can elect to show the Site on the Map Search page, along with other Sites in the area.
  • From the Site Details page you can elect to show the site in a Google Map Browser and gain access to the full feature-set of Google Maps.

Q)  What if I don’t know the zip code? Where can I get that?
A)  We recommend getting the Zip code from the US Postal Service Web site at:

Q)  Can I save the information I have found on your Web site for another day?
A)  Yes. If after searching for sites and you’re pressed for time, save your search results in AT&T Towers. When you have time later to continue, log on, go to My AT&T Towers, and retrieve the information.

Q)  Can I get printouts of my saved information?
A)  Yes. You can immediately export search results or saved data to an MSExcel spreadsheet file for printing.

Q)  Can I email Site Details to a colleague?
A)  Yes. On the Site Details page an option exists to email the site details. The email can be sent to more than one recipient by entering each email address separated by a comma or semi-colon.

Q)  What types of information can I retrieve from your Web site?
A)  For a given AT&T Towers site, we provide geographical information such as the state, city, county and Zip code where the tower is located. We also supply information specific to the tower, including our Site ID number, Site Name, Address, tower height, and other technical information.

Q)  How often is the information updated in your databases?
A)  New sites and newly available sites are being added to our database on a weekly basis. Look for a greatly expanded listing of sites in the near future.

Password/Account Issues

Q)  What’s the process if I forget my password?
A)  Click on Forgot your password? on the AT&ampT Towers home page. From the screen that appears, type your User ID and Registered E-Mail Address on file with AT&T. AT&T will reset the password and e-mail it to the address on file.

Q)  How is my registration information used? Will it be given out to someone else?
A)  Your registration information is used only by AT&T in protecting access to your stored data on AT&T Towers. We do not supply registration information to anyone else. Please review our Privacy Policy for details.

Q)  Can I save my User ID and Password so that I do not have to login every time I access the website?
A)  Yes. By selecting the Remember Me? Checkbox on login, you computer will remember your User ID and password the next time you access the website.

Getting Help

Q)  Can I contact a AT&T representative and quickly get assistance in using your Web site?
A)  Yes. Please send an email at

Q)  Can I contact a AT&T representative to get more details on a Site?
A)  Yes. Please send an email at

Applying for Collocation

Q)  How long after I submit an application will I hear from AT&T?
A)  You will receive an acknowledgement of your application within two (2) business days.

Offering Property/Towers to Lease

Q)  How do I offer property or an existing tower to lease?
A)  AT&T Towers is just a leasing office that handles the leasing of space on towers owned by AT&T to other carriers. We do not handle the building of new towers or network issues.

However, if you’d like to offer property or an existing tower to lease, please send an email to the Network Real Estate Administration (NREA) department at
  • Contact name
  • Contact phone
  • Contact address
  • Contact email
  • Property address (include city, state, and county)
  • Size (in acreage or square feet)
  • Latitude/Longitude
  • Site survey or map (if you have a copy)
Please keep in mind that the NREA receives hundreds of unsolicited requests each month and they do not respond to individual property requests unless it appears to meet the needs of their wireless customers and their strategic network coverage plans. If a new tower build appears necessary, they examine all prospects and will then reach out to you to request more information. They will retain your information and contact you only if there is significant interest in using your property.

Q)  Why can’t I find any towers near me?
A)  AT&T Towers is only a leasing office that leases space on AT&T owned towers. Our website lists only these owned sites and is not an exhaustive list of towers where we have antennas and provide service from and its purpose is to help customers who are interested in collocating on these owned towers. For help with coverage questions please contact customer service at 1-800-331-0500.