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Contact Us

Are you interested in co-locating on an AT&T Towers?

For general questions or inquiries related to co-location opportunities on AT&T-owned towers, rooftops, or DAS venues, please call 866.593.1383 or send an email to atttowers@att.com. We will then direct you to the respective Regional Account Manager. The Account Managers are responsible for the promotion of the AT&T portfolio of owned towers, rooftops, and DAS venues as an attractive leasing opportunity to the wireless industry.

Are you a current landowner with questions about your lease agreement or payments?

Contact AT&T National Real Estate Administration group at 877.231.5447 or write us at:
    AT&T Network Real Estate Administration
    RE: [FA Number]
    Suite 13-F West Tower
    575 Morosgo Drive
    Atlanta, GA 30324
Copy to:
    AT&T Legal Department – Network
    Attn: Network Counsel
    RE: [FA Number]
    208 S. Akard Street
    Dallas, TX 75202-4206

Are you a prospective landowner with available property?

Landowners who are interested in leasing a portion of your property to AT&T for new towers should send us a written request to:
    AT&T Network Real Estate Administration
    Suite 13-F West Tower
    575 Morosgo Drive
    Atlanta, GA 30324
Please include the following information in your letter:
  • Contact name, number, address, and e-mail address
  • Property address, city, state, and county
  • Property size (acres or square feet)
  • Latitude/Longitude of center of available property (if known)
  • Map or survey (if available)
Please note that AT&T receives numerous offers for land leasing and that AT&T’s National Real Estate Administration Group is unable to respond to each offer individually. The information will be passed along to management in the market where the property is located. If and when AT&T determines that a particular property meets a need, the landowner will be contacted directly.

Are you an AT&T customer with an issue related to your service or billing?

Please either visit the AT&T Customer Service Contact Us page at http://www.att.com/contactus/ for contact information related to your specific area of concern or call one of the numbers listed below:
  • Wireless: 800.331.0500
  • Digital TV, U-Verse, Home Phone: 800.288.2020
  • Digital Life: 855.288.2727


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