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Co-location Process

Our collocation process model is structured such that each application receives a dedicated resource to provide support through each step. This ensures that responsiveness and thoroughness is applied to each application and customer. Supplementary support to this process model is provided by the Regional Account Managers.

Collocation Process (PDF)

1. Review NTP Checklist
Download and review the AT&T Notice To Proceed Checklist for your project type.

2. Prepare collocation application
Interested Applicant contacts Account Manager to discuss collocation plans. Account Manager provides application or receives, via email, completed application downloaded from AT&T Towers. Applicant sends application fee, with the AT&T Site ID on the check, to the following address:


   AT&T Collocation AR
   PO BOX 5086
   Carol Stream, IL 60197-5086

3. Application review and approval
Account Manager reviews application for completeness, accuracy and classification. Collocation Project Manager gathers preliminary due diligence and notifies the AT&T Mobility Operation Teams. If feasible, Collocation Project Manager prepares Preliminary Approval to Proceed Letter and package of all available due diligence documents and forwards package to Applicant.

4. Site Visit/Drive Test
Collocation Project Manager and Applicant arrange for a site visit and/or drive test. At this time ground issues are discussed.

5. Site Drawings & Structural Analysis
Collocation Project Manager receives and reviews the Applicant’s site plans/drawings and structural analysis. Collocation Project Manager completes checklist. If there are issues or inconsistencies, Collocation Project Manager circulates to required parties and works to solve issues with Applicant. If applicable, Applicant revises drawings and structural based on redline and resubmits to Project Manager.

6. Agreement Creation and Execution
Applicant/Collocation Project Manager prepare and review Agreement for collocation. Applicant submits partially executed agreement to Collocation Project Manager for signature. Project Manager routes Agreement to internal AT&T Mobility teams for approval and subsequently to AT&T Towers for execution. Upon receipt, returns fully executed agreement to Applicant.

7. NTP
Upon fulfillment of various final due diligence documents (e.g., FAA/FCC compliance, NEPA/SHPO, Phase I, 2C Survey, Zoning and Permitting, an NTP is issued by the Collocation Project Manager to the Applicant. Applicant will issue Commencement Letter (if applicable) to Collocation Project Manager. Collocation Project Manager and GC perform Pre-Construction Site Walk. If no issues arise, Applicant may then proceed with construction.

8. Construction
Upon Applicant completing construction provides Collocation Project Manager required documents for final inspection. Construction Contractor performs Post-Construction Site Inspection and provides Applicant with final punch-list items. Applicant is required to complete final punch-list items and arrange final site walk.